Eddie Walzer is a pharmacist at All Saints Hospital. He was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Jackie Peyton, until they get engaged. He is portrayed by Paul Schulze.


He was Jackie's mistress until Eddie found out that Jackie was married, they broke up until he didn't want to end the fling with Jackie until he wanted things to go back to "normal". Jackie and Eddie break up for a year Jackie to get with Frank, but they still both share love interest while helping Jackie detox from prescription painpills and giving her painpills to help out in Miami during the hurricane. Jackie gets in a car accident during going to her flight, stupidly the bottles of prescriptions fly out in clear sight that she was driving while intoxicated police officers see and arrest her for DUI. Eddie covers for Jackie at work during her stay at Queen's booking. They eventually fall back in love together, soon after get engaged.

Personality Edit

Eddie is a nice guy when it comes to giving drugs to Jackie to feed her addiction. Eddie will take extreme risks to his freedom for Jackie because of his intense love for her and will completely do anything for her. Eddie is excellent at drug dealing and cover-up for it.

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