Dr Fitch "Coop" Cooper is an emergency room doctor at All Saints Hospital in New York City. He is played by Peter Facinelli.

Biography Edit

He is described as being 'the Golden Boy.' He is generally very likable, although can be naive and egotistical, and his calm facade hides a nervous disposition. He continuously flirts with Jackie Peyton much to her annoyance.

In the first two episodes, he was credited with diagnosing a patient's unlikely aneurysm. In the past he has been known to react to flustering situations with sexual touches. Coop has groped the breasts of Jackie Peyton (twice, almost 3 times), Zoey Barkow, Carrie Roman, elderly patient/sponsor, and Elanor O'Hara. He claims this is a tourettes-like nervous tick. He has two lesbian mothers, although they are divorced as of Season 3.

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