Grace Peyton is the oldest daughter of Jackie and Kevin Peyton, the older sister of Fiona Peyton and the niece of Tunie Peyton. She is portrayed by Ruby Jerins.

Biography Edit

The elder of Jackie's two daughters, Grace Peyton was diagnosed at a young age with generalized anxiety disorder. Jackie reveals during her stint in rehab that her addiction started when Grace was a baby and did not stop crying for two years. The relationship between Jackie and Grace is often a strained one, and when Grace is in her teens, she starts experimenting with Adderall. This prompts Jackie to ask Kevin to have both daughters live with him. Grace later stands up for Jackie when she feels her father isn't giving Jackie a chance to be involved with her search for colleges.

Personality Edit

Grace is often judgmental when it comes to Jackie's drug addiction. An intelligent girl who makes good grades in school, she also has a rebellious side. This stems from her resentment toward Jackie for her addiction, and resentment toward both parents for their divorce, which causes upheaval in her life. Toward the end of the series, she softens toward Jackie, and shows a sensitive understanding of Jackie's struggle with addiction.

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