Zoey Barkow joined All Saints as an earnest and eager student nurse from Queens Community College. Zoey is introduced early in Season One, where she shadows long-time super-nurse Jackie Peyton, whom Zoey idolizes. Under Jackie's tutelage, Zoey quickly develops her nursing skills and comes into her own as a nurse. Zoey is eventually promoted to Head of Nursing in the ER and pursues a Master's degree with a goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

Biography Edit

Zoey eventually starts dating an EMT named Lenny. After her proposed she lost the ring, which was found by Dr. Cooper. When he placed the ring back on her finger she realized it didn't feel right when Lenny did it and broke off their engagement. Later in the series, she developed a relationship with Dr. Ike Prentiss. Zoey develops friendship with Grace Peyton to help Grace of jealously from Jackie because she believes it's always about "her" as in Jackie. Soon after Zoey discovers Jackie's drug addiction finds out she stole Carrie Roman's DEA number to FAX over prescriptions to feed Jackie's drug addiction. She goes to Gloria Akalitus to report what she has discovered soon after offers a deal for Jackie to go back to rehab because she previously left early. Jackie declines offer then Gloria contacts Human Resources for a investigation. Jackie soon after get arrested for drug trafficking to help out with the Miami hurricane, soon after faults in jail and goes through forced detox. Jackie is unemployed at the jail incident sells all her drugs, gets clean, and hires a lawyer to help with getting her nursing license back, but instead gets diversion during this program she will get pee tested daily until her next meeting with officials. Jackie soon after gets her license back and goes back to using pain-pills.

Personality Edit

Zoey Barkow is a child-like nurse that is playful and hilarious and wears ridiculous nurse attire to presume to be a fun nurse. She is good friends with Jackie, because in the beginning she trains Zoey and she wants to be just like Jackie because of her skills of being a nurse.